Dwight Oney

Vista Ridge Neighbors - Best Version Media, Publisher / Branding Consultant

Member Since: 2017

About Me

Living successfully through 26 years as a Marketing Consultant with Dex Media, and 39 years of combined Sales experiences, I can honestly say that my current career is a unique landing place! My Publisher role is nicely fit together with my background and I am enjoying the outcome. I spend my time matching up businesses (80% Service / 20 % Retail) using a micro targeted approach to social media in print...yes, I said Print! Print is not dead and is very much alive when used properly. My audiences are affluent, educated, busy homeowners that reside in well known communities. Having over 20 such publications along the Front Range of Colorado, there could be many such areas that are seeking out, and can afford, your Products or Services.

This is what I am NOT publishing:

- A coupon clipper, discount value based magazine.

- A \\\"shotgun\\\" approach of blanketing large numbers of homes promising to work the numbers game to your advantage!

- A presentation of too many ads (vs) content ratio. Local, relevant information is the key to our 11 years of stability and usage.

- A new concept. Having over 600 exclusive magazines in the USA, Canada, and Ireland, this has been vetted and established.

The best use of your time, and mine, is to find a 15 to 30-minute spot on our calendars to meet over coffee somewhere convenient for you, or certainly at your office is even better! Kick to the Curb Guarantee! If you don\\\'t see a fit in 15 minutes, I will leave and you can go back to work! You will know quickly if there is a good fit for your business, and if it\\\'s not a good fit, I will know more about what you offer and can be a good referral source for you to these favorable communities...win-win!

Best of business to you until we meet!


Company Details

Vista Ridge Neighbors - Best Version Media

Westminster CO, 80234




Expertise & Experience

  • Local Content Publisher - Branding
  • Top of Mind Awareness
  • Supporting and recruiting Account Executives to specifically targeted Denver Metro Communities

Ideal Strategic Partners

  • Attorney - Other
  • Business Retirement Planning
  • Computer Disaster Recovery
  • Computer Repair
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Moving - Commercial
  • Other
  • Promotional Products
  • Event Planning
  • Interior Design

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