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Forging strategic partnerships for B2B professionals

More than Networking.

Is your networking working? The Firestorm® System is a process to intentionally build successful and meaningful business relationships. Firestorm® is about more than leads and introductions. We purposefully connect to inspire each other, build our businesses and better engage with our clients and partners.

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Firestorm Weekly Groups

Weekly Groups

A meeting a week makes connections grow deep.

Firestorm Speed Networking

Speed Networking

Meet more people before lunch than you normally do all week.

Firestorm Education


The person you will one day be, you are now becoming.

Firestorm Social Events

Social Events

Creating and nurturing relationships should be fun!

Our Mission

Facilitate the highest quality events and meetings for small business owners and B2B sales professionals.

We will do this by attracting the highest quality professionals with integrity and a zest for life and business. We will help them build meaningful relationships with their strategic partners. With patience, persistence and perspirations, we cannot fail!

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About Us

We are a high quality B2B networking organization dedicated to helping you identify your ideal strategic partners and facilitate the relationship building process.