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The first step is to visit a chapter. Pick one that works for your schedule and location.
Once you have visited, you should go out for coffee with one or two of the members.
Visit the group a second time.
Fill out your application on-line and submit your application fee.
The chapter will review, discuss and vote on your membership in the chapter.
You will be notified of their decision.
If accepted, you will receive a link to pay your membership dues.
Get scheduled to give your first presentation to the chapter.


(UPDATED 1/8/2018)
APP FEE - $125

Philip Pelto

Philip "Coach" Pelto started his sales career cold calling on the phone, selling chimney & furnace cleaning in 1996. He then went on to run one of the top offices for Vector Marketing, distributor of Cutco Cutlery. There, he learned the value of referrals and went on to teach how to build an effective network. Philip has started from scratch in 8 different cities with few to no connections. He brings over 20 years of direct sales, management, recruiting, and relationship building experience to the table.

Philip is passionate about teaching and coaching and loves to see his friends and clients grow and succeed. Always being a straight commission salesperson, he has experienced the invigoration of victory and the agony of defeat. He quickly learned that the cure all for every problem is hard work and more sales. Now, Philip owns a professional networking company called MyFirestorm. MyFirestorm teaches its members how to build long term strategic partnerships and how to leverage those partnerships to send you a steady flow of high quality referrals. Through his company and professional speaking engagements he has been able to effect change in thousands of companies and tens of thousands of employees.

Philip is originally from Taylors Falls, Minnesota. He graduated from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Finance. In his free time he enjoys running ultra-marathons, climbing mountains and traveling the world with his wife, Gerri.

Contact MyFirestorm at (720) 410-6669 or Phil@myfirestorm.com

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