Extend Your Reach Online


February 8, 2022
12:00pm - 1:00pm
America/Denver - MST


ONLINE, CO 80204

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About The Event


It's time to break unproductive patterns and do something different to get results!

This year, Firestorm® is offering you the opportunity to create a Referral Development Plan for the year - and work it monthly via progressive Insights and Implementation Tips!

One Year to Build Your Network of Champions™ is a lunch-time webinar series, featuring different business development topics each month to build strategic partnerships, business opportunities and referrals.

It's a great time to recommit to being intentional with your actions and resources - to be less reactive and take more control! Get ready to max out your 2022! Let's all experience the positive change together! 

February's Topic - Extend Your Reach Online

If you are skeptical about using social media to build real relationships, you are not alone. The land of political face-offs, neighbor complaints and silly cat videos doesn’t seem a likely place to build business partnerships of trust. Yet tons of businesses are connecting with strategic partners with the use of an online strategy – and when someone wants to know more about you, the first place they go is the Internet. Join us to find out how extending your reach online supports and strengthens YOUR business growth plan.

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April - The Worst Mistakes You're Making

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