2023 Goal Setting & Vision Boarding


December 15, 2022
1:00pm - 6:00pm
America/Denver - MST


Wells Fargo Center
1700 Lincoln Street
Denver, 80203

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About The Event


You're more than likely familiar with the idea of goal setting and vision boarding. You may even have the best of intentions and plan to get it done every year. But then family comes into town, or the kids are sick, or fill in the blank happens. 

Why don't you block some time out on your calendar and join us for this Goal Setting & Vision Boarding workshop so you can make sure it gets done, and you can be around like-minded people while you do it!

After you register we will send out our goal setting outline so you can do some prep-work. At the event we will have all the supplies that you need to complete your 2023 vision board. We will also provide snacks and beverages to keep you caffeinated while you plan.

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Registration is first come first serve. Sign up now before 2023 Goal Setting & Vision Boarding runs out of seats!

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