Lindsey Campbell

Mission Suite, VP of Sales

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About Me

Mission Suite is a unified sales and marketing platform. We help companies that are frustrated with their current CRM, disappointed in the number of 1st appointments booked by their sales team, or concerned that they aren\'t meeting their sales objectives because opportunities are slipping through the cracks. These scenarios are all extremely expensive to the company and they\'re often not sure how to fix the problem. Our clients tell us they love the platform because it combines sales and marketing efforts, tracks all activities and opportunities, and drives new sales through automation, all in one place. To top it off, we are very reasonably priced and the implementation just takes a couple of hours.

I joined Mission Suite as the VP of Sales in September of 2017. My background in sales, customer service, and software implementation allows me to focus on more than the close and see clients as long term partners.

As avid lovers of the outdoors, my husband, pup, and I packed up a shipping container in February of 2016 and moved to Denver for a new adventure. We spend our weekends in the mountains backpacking, hiking, fishing, or skiing, and the dog is always by our sides.

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Mission Suite

PO Box 48057

Denver CO, 80204


Expertise & Experience

  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM
  • Inbound Marketing Automation
  • Inbound Marketing Automation

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