Philip Worthman

Worthman Consulting, Owner

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About Me

Sandler Trainer, sales coach, owner of Worthman Consulting. I engage sales professionals and sales leaders in achieving business growth objectives.

I partner with clients to learn, connect, and understand their organization’s unique needs. The greatest ROI is achieved when I connect with forward-thinking organizations that are:

 Seeking a common language common process to their sales approach

 Struggling to engage their ideal client

 Discounting to to get business

Sandler Training achieves client success through weekly reinforcement of a proven trademarked selling method via multiple channels including classroom, audio workbooks, online programs, and individual or group coaching.

Company Details

Worthman Consulting

4 West Dry Creek Circle Suite 100

Littleton CO, 80120



Sales Training

Ideal Strategic Partners

  • Attorney - Corporate
  • Commercial HVAC
  • CPA
  • Insurance - Commercial
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Marketing - Traditional
  • Website Development
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Marketing & Sales Operations

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