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Monica Lopez

Monica Lopez

Mission Suite Client Services Manager
CRM - Marketing Automation


My name is Monica Lopez, I'm currently a Client Services Manager for a CRM company called Mission Suite. My job consists of giving our clients trainings on our software and selling my services to clients that would like me to assist with building their account. I aspire to be resourceful and make connections that last a lifetime, my true heart desire is to help as many people as I can while making quality connections professionally and/or personally. 

I'm a third generation born and raised in Denver. I travelled outside of the U.S.  five times before the age of 20, those countries are Canada, Japan, Dominican Republic, and two different cities in Mexico. I was active throughout my entire childhood, ranging from ballet dancing, playing the violin, and to even joining chess camp. These experiences have been a big part of shaping who I am today by keeping my mind open and to push to be a better version of myself daily.

I truly believe that working with experienced professionals will bring me more success than sitting inside of a class listening to a professor and reading from a textbook. After visiting multiple Firestorm Chapters, I picked the Arvada group because I work with a lot of contacts that are seeked on the referral mapping and the few times I have joined I learned so much. I would love to make the Arvada Firestorm Chapter my homebase.

Thank you for considering my application!


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