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Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Axcelerate CEO
Marketing - Traditional


Robert is the “Master Practitioner” of scaling business and specializes in Disruptive ideas, innovation and marketing. He has achieved what he calls “WOW” success for SMB’s in more than 200 major industries using unconventional disruptive marketing and is positioned as one of America’s Top Marketers. By the way a “Master Practitioner” is one who has the humility and the "brain damage" to know he’s probably full of it, and is excellent at his craft. He also has the wisdom and experience to have insight into the balance needed to help others succeed. 
He successfully founded four companies, sold one, and lost one. (He is still looking for it, so if you happen to find it, will you let him know…) He shows SMB’s how to dominate niches in national, regional and local markets, using such outrageous and disruptive concepts, that even James Bond would be impressed! His Genimation™   programs have added over $ 750 million dollars for his SMB “Clients” 
Robert used to be a “Professional Consultant.” He is now a wildly driven successful entrepreneur, idea guy, innovator, speaker, trainer, story teller, and loves Disney and Looney Tunes. 
He has won many of those self-aggrandizing national business awards including the runner up Stevie Award for best marketer in the nation, which he carefully maintains in a used cardboard box in the basement of his home. By the way a “Professional Consultant” is someone who you pay a lot of money to hear what you already know. 
A few things Robert is really good at...
  • Innovation and Ideation using the Genimation process 
  • Business Scaling and Growth 
  • Immersive and Integrated Business Growth Events 
  • Disruptive Marketing Strategies 
  • Offline/Online Marketing  
  • Marketing Strategy Think Tank 
  • Content Creation and Messaging 
  • Financial Metrics 
  • Branding
PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER AND TRAINER Robert speaks nationally and internationally about Ideation, Innovation Business Growth, Disruptive Marketing, and maximizing business and personal potential. With experience in speaking at events to over 10,000 businesses, he delights and interacts with his audiences with a wicked wit and a keen sense of humor. He shares real life examples from his personal files, which along with his immersive multimedia and his “Red Bull” like energy, captivates and fires the imagination of everyone present.  His clients include Associations, Corporations, Nonprofits and Small Business groups.
SECRET KEY NOTE  Ask him about his “Secret Keynote” reserved only for the most discerning audiences. Listen to where he tells an amazing true life story about becoming a prisoner in a 3rd world country, charged with espionage, and sentenced to 30 years in one of the most notorious prisons in the world for human rights abuse. Learn how he escaped from that prison of tortures and beatings in the middle of a violent revolution and how this journey almost ended his life. Broken, lost and living in a cardboard box under a bridge, discover how in the middle of a freezing snowstorm he uncovered something remarkable which transformed his life. He came back and built several multimillion-dollar businesses and became a leader of
many organizations. This story alone is one of love, motivation, and triumph and will inspire you to live at higher levels than ever before!   
MEMBERSHIPS He is a member of all the “RIGHT” associations and Groups and tries to only hang out with people that “get it”.

Robert has served on the board of directors at several non-profits, including a Board Emeritus Member for the Boy Scouts of America. He was also a Scoutmaster and a brotherhood member of The Order of the Arrow.

Robert has climbed 22 of the 14 teener's in Colorado, and is an avid outdoorsman and camper. He rides mountain bikes, swims and loves to spend time with his family. 


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