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Benita Samuels

Benita Samuels

Visibility Solutions Group Founder | Owner
Marketing - Digital


I’ve spent the greater part of my career in corporate brand marketing, working with global brands including Nestle™ and Disney®, supporting privately-owned companies like Forbes Magazine Galleries, and helping smaller start-ups launch and grow their brands digitally.

As a strategic thought leader, I have overseen countless traditional and digital campaigns, from complex website development to social activations. I was instrumental in introducing S.Pellgrino™ Natural Sparkling Mineral Water to its social audience and identifying and connecting Playtex Baby with new moms during the nighttime feeding. 

Today, I lead a team of independent category experts to support the digital needs of a broad array of clients, as well as promote and speak on the importance of being digitally visible, and the power of LinkedIn. Working with entrepreneurs, executives, and small business owners, I build stronger customer relationships, crafting strategies that enable effective targeted communications that drive engagement and turn connections into conversations.

My interest and expert understanding of LinkedIn and social media platforms are often where my work begins but soon expands into broader marketing, strategy, and business-driving initiatives.


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