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Erica Neal

Erica Neal

Infinity Investment Strategies Wealth Strategist/Real Estate Investor
Alternative Finance


I work with business owners & real estate investors on managing cash flow and liquid assets through efficient strategies. Education is the foundation of my relationship with clients. I teach the Infinite Banking Concept & how to create cash flow from multiple asset classes, while lowering risk & minimizing taxes. Understanding all of the options allows clients to find what fits their needs best.
I understand that investor and business owner savings amounts vary year to year and having access to your money to fund your business is vital. Our strategies allow entrepreneurs to create leverage within their savings, enhance returns, lower risk, be more tax efficient, and best of all...recoup interest being paid to outside financiers!
For pre-retirees, working your entire life to save money has been a primary goal. Now that you're looking into retirement or selling your business, how will you flip the switch to make everything you've established pay you back? I specialize in creating lifetime cash flow while protecting against market crashes and creating generational legacy.

I also offer real estate investments. From single family development projects, to multifamily passive investing & air BNB, my goal is to help each person generate more cash flow without spending more time working.  Your money working for you means you make money even while you sleep! 


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