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I was helping local businesses with their graphic arts and web design needs when I noticed something about agencies in the marketing field, especially the ones building websites for small businesses. All of them were trying very hard to be good to their customers, but falling into some habits.

Some big firms offered prestige and strong capabilities, but that came with a high price tag from the high overhead of a big firm. Smaller firms were less expensive, but offered less. And it seemed that no one was hitting the sweet spot of great offerings combined with great service and support. I knew that business owners work harder than anyone and needed all the help they could get.

I wondered, what if we could deliver big city design at small town prices? And what if, since almost every modern marketing task has a visual component, we could give the customer one place to go and get first-rate website design, then get the full spectrum of their online marketing communications needs fulfilled with no hassle?

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