Barrett Johnson

Salos Services, Managing Partner

Member Since: 2017

About Me

Barrett is a founder/managing partner at Salos Services where we work with small & medium businesses and nonprofits to use their data to help answer their business questions. Many businesses struggle with getting the most out of their data. It is either very time consuming to gather, siloed in different systems, or often ignored. They work with the businesses to develop better, more efficient reports that are automated and available when needed.

Barrett gained experience as both an internal and external consultant by delivery solutions in the areas of data management and enterprise reporting. As a leader and member of teams spanning organizations and geographic boundaries, Barrett delivered flexible and maintainable reporting solutions in industries including healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, banking, and government.

Having grown up in Colorado and raising his family here in Golden, Barrett believes that helping business and nonprofits is vital to the growth and success of our community.

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Salos Services

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