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Dave Hiebeler

Dave Hiebeler

Align2Compte, LLC Align2Compte, LLC
Marketing/PR/Content creation


My specialty is helping small and medium-sized businesses with their marketing messaging strategies, and I am a freelance writer that covers consumer behavior, business-to-business
trends, and sales.

I have had a great career in the newspaper media industry in 37
U.S. markets and tours at Trulia (a Zillow company) and The News, Automotive, and Real Estate categories have taught me how to compete with some real competitive personalities. 

I co-founded with a business partner and currently operate a marketing agency called
Align2Compete, and we are in our 5th year of business. We give emerging companies seasoned marketing strategies to grow awareness of their product or service and slug it out with their competitors.

Anyone and I mean anyone, using A.I. can generate a 1,500-word blog article on "Fly Fishing in the Canadian Rockies" in 2
right? But A.I. is just another tool; Do I use it? Absolutely. You can get new story
outlines and angles from it. Used correctly, it can save time researching a piece and structuring a communication.

watch out, some of the A.I. content generated needs to be corrected, and it could
be under copyright law; it lacks nuance. In many cases, m
isusing raw, unedited A.I.-generated articles could damage your business's

need an editor that protects you from plagiarism, tells original stories about
your brand, chooses eye-catching photos, and is tapped into the cultural

a business owner, I write from a place of knowing; I have been in board room meetings,
launched thousands of ad campaigns, been in several nasty market share battles, and solved real problems on the sales floor. 
appropriately source my research and am skilled at finding evidence to back up core

I enjoy sharing my knowledge about business and marketing principles by sharing ideas in seminars with start-up communities like Tech Alley-Denver and 1 Million Cups Denver.

I have lived in metro Denver for a long time. Some of my passions are having a sense of humor, hanging out with my wife, and playing a great golf course. 

I am a Minnesotan at heart. I grew up there and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. People from that part of the world are generally hard-working and very earnest about things almost to a fault. I would say that having grown in this environment has rubbed off on me.


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