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Joy Maez

Joy Maez

U.S. Bank Vice President, Business Relationship Manager
Banking - Commercial


I started my banking career in Albuquerque, NM in 1998 as a teller at a small community bank.  Terrified of being robbed, I moved out of the branch into Construction and Commercial Lending and fell in love with working to develop the City of Albuquerque. I moved to Denver in 2015 after realizing I had outgrown my market.  I worked for a few banks before I started working at U.S. Bank on March 2, 2020 - the following week we went into lock down. 

I have worked through all of the financials crisises starting with Y2K, 2008, 9/11 and most recently the Covid pandemic.  Each have made me more empathetic for business owners in our communities which drives my purpose to assist and educate all types of business owners and provide value and exceptional service to my clients. 

I love being a banker for U.S. Bank.  We always do the right thing and invest our hearts and minds to power human potential.  We are a big bank, with big bank resources and technology, but we operate on community level.  Building relationships, understanding my clients needs, and providing value through connections is my passion.  


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