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Dan Martella

Dan Martella

AVL Growth Partners Head of Growth
Outsourced CFO


I bring a wealth of experience cultivated across both established industry giants and dynamic startups, showcasing my adaptability across diverse organizational landscapes. My professional journey is a testament to my commitment to the art of building, whether it entails constructing and strengthening innovative business units within established enterprises or assembling entire teams and departments from scratch for emerging startups.

With a strong foundation in a variety of domains including HR, Operations, Client/Customer Success, and Sales, my journey has spanned multiple industries including Contact Centers (both insourced and outsourced), home building, financial services, healthcare, and currently professional services. This comprehensive skill set has empowered me to thrive in a multitude of sectors, underscoring my ability to transcend industry boundaries.

At the heart of my professional passion is a deep-seated drive to propel organizations toward greatness. My dedication is rooted in my determination to leverage my expertise to steer companies toward unparalleled success. In particular, my tenure in the startup world has allowed me to refine my ability to navigate uncharted waters, fostering growth, innovation, and resilience in the face of uncertainty.


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