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Courtney Tarwater

Courtney Tarwater

Human Interest Partner Account Manager
Financial Services - Employee Benefits


Living in the foothills in Colorado, I see beauty all around me. When I'm not enjoying time with my friends and family, visiting national parks with my husband and three daughters, you would find me actively involved in my community. As a natural connector, I'm in the business of helping others improve their lives by making strategic financial decisions. Helping a friend elevate their career, a student needing college admissions guidance, or a startup with the design of their first employee benefits package are all incredibly meaningful experiences I've enjoyed. On a larger scale, implementing payments programs to help a hospital system open up a new wing with $5,000,000 in cash back dollars was thrilling. 

Personally, I'm trying to get out of the house, make new connections, hear new stories, and live life to the fullest. My career has been shaped by improving the financial futures of students, employees and businesses of all sizes. Currently, I am enjoying having conversations about the retirement crisis in this country and explaining how my company is uniquely suited for the SMB. 


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