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Veronica  (roni) Jarnagin

Veronica (roni) Jarnagin

Veronica Jarnagin, Atty Owner
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Having practiced in Indiana for over 25 years, I licensed in CO in late 2020 and then moved to the north suburbs of Denver in 2021.  And now I am seeking to work with business owners and persons in CO seeking personalized legal advice for the protection and succession of business interests or other wealth. 

As for my "ideal client," I simply want to work with business owners who value advisory services; particularly to weigh in on business/employment/contractual issues and related tax, legacy planning, and asset protection issues.  I do so in a very pragmatic way:  there's no need to complicate something unless there are very pressing reasons to do so.  I like the process of collaborating with the clients' other financial advisors to ensure all of the puzzle pieces fit.  

esoteric, I know, but if you look at my resume, I work across a broad
spectrum of industries and types of folks. For example, I can help a
grammy-award-winning British composer/conductor publish his memoirs, put together a small UK book tour and then prepare an estate plan and handle his US/UK estate

I can prepare NDAs and MSAs for biopharma consultants, review their executive compansation agreements, then prepare their
estate plans;

But I can also write you a manure easement, and the
business governance, estate succession and marital agreements for the multi-generation
mega-dairy farm owner.

It's the diversity of industry and client profile, and working with clients who have a similar pragmatic approach that I like; not any particular client or industry.


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