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Duane Stroh

Duane Stroh

Healthy Harvest Productions LLC CEO
Food Production


Duane Stroh and his wife Melissa of 40 years have been
traditional and agriculture business owners. They owned a large farm, and feed
cattle for over 30 years. In later years they owned a small grain merchandizing
business (Stroh Grain).

In the cattle and farming business they are known to be

13 years ago they sold their agriculture business and moved
to the Front Range of Colorado and started a successful real estate business.


While in the beef business Duane was a leader in gentle
treatment of cattle, and is a graduate from the Bud Williams stockman ship and marketing
schools. We ran our cattle out in corn stocks or on pasture as much as possible
until they were ready to go on full feed. Once in the lot the cattle had larger
than normal pens with plenty of space. As a daily routine the cattle are
removed from the pens and exercised in a long exercising pen/alley ultimately
lowering health and social issues.

Duane also was one of the first to use ultrasound technology
to help make marketing decisions based on meat marbling. 

Duane is a graduate of TEPAP a Texas A&M mini
agriculture business class.


Duane is a leader in the farming world as well.

Duane was one of the first farmers in the area to start
thinking about soil health.

He started strip tilling in the late 80s.

With strip tilling, grazing of the stocks and manure we are
able to utilize more cattle feed and eliminate any other tillage. With these
practices our worm population and organic matter increased dramatically. In
using these same practices we earned many yield awards over the years.  We are also able to lower our nitrogen to a
corn bushel ratio dramatically reducing the risk of nitrogen leaching.


Duane was also a community leader having served on boards
and involving youth in the community on their family farm.

Duane was also a wrestling coach in the community.

We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to be
involved with Healthy Harvest. It is very exciting to have
partners and colleges that share the same vision and passion. Animal health and
conservation of the soil have been a passion of mine for many years.


The most exciting part of this venture for me and our family
is the opportunity to help farmers find their passion in agriculture and consumers healthy foods.



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