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Rodolfo Ramirez

Rodolfo Ramirez

swivl COO
Digital Marketplace (software)


Coming from a background in psychology and biology, I am fascinated by what motivates people. I’m passionate about empowering businesses to learn from and scale their customer experience & success efforts.

Currently serving as co-founder and COO of swivl, a human-in-the-loop AI platform. We put money and time back in people's and businesses' pockets by taking care of repetitive conversations through automation.

Implement AI and improve customer engagement by combining the best of both human and machine intelligence, with swivl. Questions on how to get started? Reach out to me at info[@] to get in touch.

* B2C & B2B Growth Marketing
* B2B SaaS Sales Process
* Digital Marketing Strategy
* Industries: AI, Conversational Commerce, E-commerce, SaaS


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