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Brian Frank

Brian Frank

AXIO Commercial Real Estate Senior Broker
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I've had the opportunity to have 2 careers since after college one is the restaurant industry, and the second is my current career as a commercial real estate professional. I've been a resident of Denver since 2001 with couple of years in that time pursuing business ventures in the Dallas/Ft Worth area where I'm from originally. I'm really interested in what excites other people, entrepreneurs, and business owners especially those who are local. I firmly believe it's the local business owners that support the community, provide jobs, and services. When possible I like to shop, dine, and use the services of local home grown business. I started Blue Star Retail Group in 2017 to assist the local start up looking for their first location, or the season local entrepreneur looking to expand their brand by adding locations in find the perfect place to settle in where location meets opportunity. I've worked for developers and landlords, and I know what they say they will do for a new tenant is not always what they end up agreeing to in the end. 


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