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Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor

Aspen Commercial Lending Chief Operating Officer
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Jason Taylor (JT)

I have built, owned and sold several businesses since I started my first company in 2004, a residential loan brokerage that I eventually sold to my partner.  I have raised money for my projects, for other projects and have financed businesses of all types.  Since partnering with Shane Brandt, the founder and CEO of Aspen Commercial Lending, I have accelerated my learning curve, and found funding for multiple companies, in all areas, and found a niche in Commercial Real Estate Development.  I am a firm believer in developing as a person, and in developing the employees of my companies in order to build the business.  One of my mentors said, "If you build the people, the people will build your business."

I have built every company I have owned, or been a part of over the last 20yrs through networking.  I have established a massive network through doing so.  I know how important it is to create long lasting relationships and to help those around you.  My network is your network, as long as we can trust each other.


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