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Trace Reddick

Trace Reddick

Dorado Finance, LTD Partner
Alternative Finance


Trace is a results oriented, business-savvy entrepreneur who specializes in business strategy, cash flow financing, logistics, streamlining processes, improving systems/organizational communication, and productivity. My passion is business and the entrepreneurs leading the way to a better life, driving growth through creative financial products, superior customer service, and authentic relationships.


Trace is also first author in the prestigious American Journal of Management for his work in entrepreneurship and business strategy. In 2017 he helped a disruptive telemedicine startup grow to the Inc 500 fastest growing companies list. That same year, he made it his mission to make a move in a burgeoning industry by successfully raising $30 million. Now, Trace is bringing his family‚Äôs business into the next generation of its growth leveraging and teaching all the skills he developed along the way. His first book The Cash Factor was recently published in Q2 2019.


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