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Tonya Bjurstrom

Tonya Bjurstrom

Dirby Voice of the Customer | Founder
Business Development Consultant


During Tonya's broad and successful career in sales, marketing and business development she has made a measurable impact when working with start-ups, with SMB and with large enterprise organizations. The sweet spot in Tonya’s success is her natural, skilled curiosity. She knows how to ask the right questions, in the right way. 

As the Founder of Dirby, Tonya is the Voice of the Customer (VOC) for B2B. For her and her team, VOC is a growth strategy. Dirby uncovers new insight and opportunity from within the existing customer base - where there is an abundance of insight and opportunity that most companies are not tapping into.

- Improve the customer experience and improve customer satisfaction.

- Increase customer retention and increase revenue.

- Be more effective in sales, marketing and product development.

Tonya understands how VOC can improve the experience of each customer, and how it can improve business overall.


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