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Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith

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Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Health Information Technology (HIT) architecture, strategy, systems, and infrastructure, with a specialization in clinical data and clinical and administrative data interoperability for Medicaid Agencies and Health Information Exchanges (HIE). HIT speaker, author, and industry committee member. Deep knowledge of healthcare technology and systems, including HIE systems and interoperability, State Medicaid Agency clinical systems, including Electronic Health Record (EHR), Master Patient Index (MPI), Clinical Data Repository (CDR), and Medicare and Medicaid administrative systems such as the Medicaid Enterprise System (MES), Eligibility and Enrollment (E&E) systems, and electronic data interchange of administrative data (EDI).

Extensive State Agency experience, including experience in creating and implementing multiple State enterprise technical visions, developing budgets (APDs) for HIE and Medicaid Agencies as a deliverable to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and designing shared (State Agency, CMS) strategy documents such as the State Medicaid Health IT Plan, or SMHP. Bachelor of Arts degree in Healthcare Administration, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Technology.

Experience includes clinical and administrative (EDI) systems procurement, deployment, and implementation, with a focus on data interoperability. Strong knowledge and ability to meet and exceed CMS and federal mandates and federal laws, such as ARRA/HITECH, PPACA (ACA), HIPAA, MITA, and Meaningful Use (MU) / CMS Promoting Interoperability Program.

Project-based experience includes:
- Clinical data exchange and disparate clinical system integration (HL7, C-CDA, EHR, FHIR, USCDI);
- Healthcare IT Strategy, including State Medicaid/CMS IT Strategy and CMS Alignment (SMHP, IAPD, MITA);
- State Medicaid Agency clinical and administrative systems (MMIS, MES, ESB, MPI, MDM, EDI);
- State and private Health Information Exchange (HIE);
- Public Health systems, registries, and reporting;
- Enterprise system integrations between State Agencies (Medicaid, HIE, Public Health) and private networks (HIE, ACO);
- Healthcare vendor system procurement, integration and deployment, including EHR, HIE, MPI, CDR, ESB, eCQM, Direct Secure Messaging (DSM), Clinical Data Analytics, Population Health, etc.

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