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Since April 2016

Matt Keillor

Matt Keillor

Flexential Senior Account Executive
Hybrid IT Solutions


How Long Have You Been in Your Industry?
I've been in technology sales since 2008.

How Long Have You Been a Firestorm Member?
I started in February of 2016. So, over eight years as a member of the DTC Firestorm chapter.  How Has Firestorm Affected Your Business?
It's all about relationship building. Knowing I have strong personal relationships that have been built over the course of the last fiveyears with other members of Firestorm means that I have friends out there ready to refer business to me at any point.

One Piece of Advice You Want to Give People?
Keep the attitude of, "How can I help others?" Just like we want to help our customers, take the attitude of how you can serve others in your Firestorm group.


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