Matt Keillor

ViaWest, Account Executive

Member Since: 2016

About Me

How Long Have You Been in Your Industry?
I've been in technology sales since 2008.

How Long Have You Been a Firestorm Member?
I started in February of 2016. So, maybe a year and a half.

How Has Firestorm Affected Your Business?
It's all about the relationship building. Knowing I have strong personal relationships that have been built over the course of the last 18 months means that I 've got friends out there ready to refer business to me at any point.

One Piece of Advice You Want to Give People?
Keep the attitude of, "How can I help others?" Just like we want to help our customers, take the attitude of how you can serve others in your Firestorm group.

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6400 S. Fiddlers Green Circle Suite 2000

Greenwood Village CO, 80111



Hybrid IT Solutions

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  • Hybrid IT Solutions

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