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Erwin Damaso

Erwin Damaso

Comcast Enterprise Account Executive
Consulting - Communications


Born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area and moved to Colorado in 2009 so my wife could pursue her Masters Degree.  Started a family here and haven't looked back, just forward. We have 4 kids and live in SE Aurora.  We love visiting the beach and made it a yearly habit to visit any of Disney parks since that is my kids love but this year it was skipped for obvious reasons.  We also have a Chocolate Labrador and 2 cats but don't plan on expanding.

My career started back at Time Warner Cable before Digital Phone was a even launched and have progressed into the abyss of data connections and SD WAN technology.  Having been in the technology industry for 15 years, I've learned how to handle and provide insight to business owners to maximize efficiency and productivity for their day to day operations when it comes to data connections and customer/client interaction.  I have been with Comcast for 6 years now and love to partner with businesses and their teams to find the right solutions so everything just works.

Looking at growing my network to reach more people to assist and hopefully be a strategic partner for any industry moving forward.


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