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Hector Simoudis

Hector Simoudis

eLearning Partners Co-Founder
Custom eLearning Development


Hi, I am Hector, a well-traveled Greek born and raised in the Middle East. I've experienced a melting pot of cultures from an early age and consider myself lucky to be exposed to many different lifestyles, religions, and walks of life.

These experiences made me who I am today - a connector who values meaningful relationships above all.

As a Co-Founder of eLearning Partners, I am committed to helping you create online courses and virtual training your Learners will love.

As someone who was challenged with dyslexia growing up, I am laser-focused on the needs of your Learners to help you create an engaging eLearning program or online course.

And no, we are not a Learning Management System (LMS). Our company offers eLearning content development services: 

✅ Premium eLearning Videos

(Check out examples & case studies here:

Our clients range from Small to Mid-Sized organizations looking to create eLearning, online courses, or virtual training for their internal or external learners.

Before I go, I want to give you a gift! If you want to develop an online course or eLearning program in less than 90 days and save $10,000+ in the process, please sign up for our Free MasterClass!


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