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Hector Simoudis

Hector Simoudis

VP Legacies, LLC CEO
Custom eLearning Development


With Hector’s Greek heritage, growing up in the Middle East, traveling to over 25 countries around the world, and living in three different countries, he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship, personal connection, and storytelling at a young age. What fascinated him the most during his time internationally was that no matter which country he visited, he found that everyone wanted to learn each traveler’s story and built instant trust with one another through the ideal of personal connection. After experiencing the power of personal connection through the communication of storytelling, he found that there was a fracture in this powerful communication portal in the United States and made it his purpose to bridge this gap. It wasn’t long after that Hector was extremely fortunate to meet his business partner, Jonny Havey, and formulated VP Legacies: A company chasing its why of creating a world where people are not afraid to personally connect. With their respective systems and processes driving their value proposition of personal connection, they have helped companies increase their visibility and customer retention rate, discover and implement revenue streams, and have overall grown VP Legacies by 4x in the last calendar year. It is not just about the product(s) and/or service(s) a company offers, more so, it is about the people and the stories within a company that creates a never-breaking relationship with customers. Every company has a story, and it is a story worth telling.


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