What is Firestorm?

Firestorm® is a professional networking organization specifically for business owners and sales people in the business to business (B2B) arena that are drawn to a group that is committed to building strong and lasting referral networks. Members regularly attend weekly chapter meetings that are structured, methodical, and purposeful with unique Referral Mapping™ and Things to Listen For™ methodologies to build a culture that leads to passing the highest quality referrals and introductions. Membership benefits include access to regular social gatherings and specialized networking and educational events that multiply the power of the relationships formed within their chapter. 

The Process:

1) The first step is to visit a chapter. Pick one that works for your schedule and location.

2) Once you have visited, you should go out for coffee with one or two of the members.

3) Visit the group a second time.

4) Fill out your application on-line and submit your application fee.

5) The chapter will review, discuss and vote on your membership in the chapter.

6) You will be notified of their decision. 

7) If accepted, you will receive a link to pay your membership dues.

8) Get scheduled to give your first presentation to the chapter.


Current Pricing (updated 1/8/2018):

App fee - $125

Dues (annual commitment):

Monthly - $99

Quarterly - $275

Annually - $999

We are Looking for B2B Professionals like you !

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